Our Fitness Vision

The Noke Training started with a vision: “To help people perform daily activities more efficiently”. This includes people of all ages, all abilities and all places in their lives. We created The Noke Training center with everyone in mind, we put you first and our business shows that. We have put every effort into creating a safe, fun and empowering environment, not just for you, but for our community. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to manage everyday life with ease. For some of us that’s just getting out of bed, for others it’s training for competition or battle. Whatever your purpose we will help you to be prepared.

When we work together, everything is possible

Our mission

The Noke Training’s mission is simple: “Make the best version of you”
We do this by

  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Evaluations
  • Community & Support

We invest in you and your goals by providing knowledge, training and a place to grow.

Our Team

What Qualifies Us?

The Noke Training is compromised of our core team who have created our programs, work with our other trainers and with our members. Our experience gives our members a unique advantage over other gyms and training facilities. Because we have such diverse backgrounds we are able to provide more insight and make better recommendations through observation and movement analysis. Then we translate what we see through our experiential knowledge, into real training that works for you. Our personal trainers have years of combined experience working with the general public, firefighters, yoga students, athletes, gyms and more.

Who We Are

Jessi Larrison

Jessi earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Marietta College in Graphic Design (2009). As an undergraduate, Jessi competed in Cross-Country and Track and Field earning MVP three times and winning four individual Conference titles. Toward the end of her athletic career Jessi realized she wanted to work with athletes and become a coach.

Jessi furthered her education and received her Master of Arts from Muskingum University in Adult Education (2012). As a graduate student Jessi developed an intense passion for transformative learning.

“One of the best feelings in the world is showing someone that they can achieve something they once thought was impossible.”

Throughout Jessi’s coaching career, she has coached 22 school records, 7 Conference champions, 19 All-Americans and 1 National Champion. As a certified Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting, Jessi strives to apply her track and field background, along with weightlifting, into functional fitness that enhances sports performance.

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach

Tim Wade

Tim was born and raised here in the Star City of Roanoke, VA. After he began his career as a professional MMA fighter, he realized that he not only wanted to help myself become healthier and stronger, but those around him as well. Thus his career as a personal trainer began. His current attributes are

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Certified in Wellness
AAU wrestling coach
Professional MMA Fighter
Professional MMA Skills Coach

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