Our Fitness Vision

The Noke Training started with a vision: “To help people perform daily activities more efficiently”. This includes people of all ages, all abilities and all places in their lives. We created The Noke Training center with everyone in mind, we put you first and our business shows that. We have put every effort into creating a safe, fun and empowering environment, not just for you, but for our community. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to manage everyday life with ease. For some of us that’s just getting out of bed, for others it’s training for competition or battle. Whatever your purpose we will help you to be prepared.

When we work together, everything is possible

Our mission

The Noke Training’s mission is simple: “Make the best version of you”
We do this by

  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Evaluations
  • Community & Support

We invest in you and your goals by providing knowledge, training and a place to grow.

Our Team

What qualifies us?

The Noke Training is compromised of our core team who have created our programs, work with our other trainers and with our members. Our experience gives our members a unique advantage over other gyms and training facilities. Because we have such diverse backgrounds we are able to provide more insight and make better recommendations through observation and movement analysis. Then we translate what we see through our experiential knowledge, into real training that works for you. Our personal trainers have years of combined experience working with the general public, firefighters, yoga students, athletes, gyms and more.