Wouldn’t it be amazing if a personalized workout plan, and the undivided attention of a trained professional, didn’t have to come with a premium price tag? Now it doesn’t have to. The Noke team is proud to introduce a personal training package made to fit every budget.  You get The Noke Community with every plan:  support and accountability with those sweating with you.

Training Pkg 6 $260 a month.  Six one- hour personal training sessions per month.

Training Pkg 8 $330 a month.   Eight one-hour personal training sessions per month.

Training Pkg 12 $480 month.  Twelve one-hour personal training sessions per month.

Each of these packages also include:

  • Membership at the gym.
  • Access to the gym 24/7
  • Sessions available as scheduled

Personal Training $50 hour (with automatic debit)

Half Hour sessions available as well

Open Gym Programming

This program is completely unique to you and YOUR goals while taking into account exactly where you are at on your fitness journey!  This customized and results-based programming is created by a certified professional who will help you understand it and carry it out.

What you get?

-a custom training plan based on your goals that will help you with your flexibility, mobility, overall fitness, body composition (fat loss and/or muscle gain) and increase your overall strength all while being as safe and efficient as possible

-an introductory comprehensive movement assessment to identify imbalances, areas of concerns, weaknesses and overall fitness level to better help us put together the best program for you

-weight and body fat measurements will be taken and recorded.  We will tell you where you are and also where you should be (for health’s sake) with these categories

-a Certified Personal Trainer will be in the gym to assist you with this program and any questions you may have

– you will have access to a personal trainer (times and contact method as agreed upon) so you have access to us when you have questions!

-the accountability of a results-based program to make sure you stay on track with your goals even when you get busy, stressed, tired, distracted or anything else. Our goal is to help you reach your goals and we mean it!

-access to the Noke’s top of the line facility during ALL open gym hours to complete these workouts.

This program is very budget friendly. We here at the Noke we believe in affordable fitness and this is yet another example of that!

We are very excited to help you reach your goals.  Please contact us (344-4433 or and we will set you up with an appointment!

Other Pricing

Open Gym $45 month
Our open gym includes

  • Access to the gym during regular business hours
  • The Noke community
  • Help with questions about the equipment, form and intensity

If you are just looking for access to The Noke Training Center this is the package for you. Get access to top notch equipment in our huge facility.