Noke Fit

fitness classes roanokeWouldn’t it be amazing if a personalized workout plan, and the undivided attention of a trained professional, didn’t have to come with a premium price tag? Now it doesn’t have to. The Noke team is proud to introduce a personal training package made to fit every budget.

1-on-1 Training – Work with a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers provide our members with a training prescription that best suits their individual needs and goals. We work with our members by learning their current fitness activity, limitations and goals. We provide education on what needs to be changed, improved and how to work around your limitations to achieve your goals whether they be to lose weight, gain more flexibility and mobility, improved athletic performance, or keep up with your grand kids.   One hour and half hour sessions available.

Small Group Training

This training is for 2 to 8 members and may focus on increased flexibility and mobility, increased strength, improved athletic performance, or overall increased fitness.  Some groups may be more focused on weight loss or athletic performance.

Contact us if you’d like to create a group.

Open Gym Programming

This customized and results-based programming is created by a certified professional based on your goals.  The programming begins with a comprehensive movement assessment to identify imbalances, areas of concerns, weaknesses and overall fitness level to better help us put together the best program for you.  Weight and body fat measurements will be taken and recorded as well so that you can track your progress.  The program will include training that suits both your goals and where you are now.

Open Gym

Open Gym membership includes access to the gym during regular business hours.  Certified Trainers are available for encouragement and to help with questions about the equipment and form.

All of these programs offer access to the Noke Training’s top of the line facility.  Only some programs offer access during ALL open gym hours.

    What are the benefits of Noke Fit?

    Personal Training

    Personal training is the key to our Noke Fit program.  You will learn how to use our equipment properly, get motivation, maximize your workouts, understand / achieve your goals and learn what you can do even outside the gym. Our personal trainers are extremely qualified and cover a vast array of fitness. You will get the attention you need to be your best!

    Weight Loss

    This is many people’s motivation for getting in shape. If this is your motivation we will help create the best plan for you to succeed as quickly and safely as possible. The best way to achieve sustainable weight loss is by healthy eating and exercise. Understanding how your body can speed up this process is important. We will put together the best program for you!


    The most powerful drug / supplement you can put in your body is food. Understanding how this affects your fitness goals is key. We are here to help you understand how healthy eating can benefit your workouts, speed up weight loss and improve energy and metabolism.
    *We are not nutritionists, though we have many years of experiential education and proven results.

    The Noke Community

    The Noke community is what makes us unique. We strive to make our gym more than a gym by being all inclusive. We encourage our members to work together to support each other and grow together. As you progress we start matching you with other members that are at similar fitness levels. This allows you to have consistent motivation, fellowship and being a part of something bigger than just your personal goals.