What does being fit mean to you? Maybe the first thing you thought of was rock hard abs, 19” biceps, and a golden tan. While these traits have been the ongoing mold society has painted for us of “fitness”, it does not come close to what it truly means to be physically fit.

Each day our body is forced to squat, deadlift (pick up objects) and frequently overhead press (pick something off the shelf). These multi-joint movements are where various major muscle groups are contracting at the same time (the core, legs, back, and chest) which in turn elicits joint movement in multiple places all at the same time. If our bodies are not properly conditioned to perform multi-joint movements correctly, we are more likely to suffer injury doing everyday activities.

Exercise machines can be great but they tend to only work on a single joint action. While this can make you stronger, it’s not a functional advantage. Being functionally fit means, you can perform multi-joint movements correctly with resistance, which in turn trains your muscle fibers and nerve pathways to fire correctly, thus reducing risk of injury and improving overall quality of life!

Being physically fit goes far beyond a physique or 1RM (one rep max) When it comes down to it, it’s about longevity and functionality; will you be able to help a friend move when you are 60? Will you be able to play with your grandchildren or great-grandchildren? Will you still be running 5ks as a senior citizen?

No matter what your fitness goals are, functional fitness should be a foundation in your training as it increases flexibility, strength, agility and aerobic fitness. Along with making everyday life easier, it does not require complicated machinery and instead focuses on free-weight resistance training and bodyweight movements, recruiting your muscles to work together, and increasing joint mobility and stability. Simply put; you can train for functionality at home, in a gym, at the park, in the airport or at a friend’s house. Join us at The Noke where we train to be stronger and more agile for all of life’s adventures from grocery shopping to adventure kayaking.